Ambleside - Adelaide
Ambleside - Adelaide
New World Artists presents

Ambleside - Adelaide

with special guests
Crown & Anchor Hotel (Adelaide, SA)
Friday, 25 October 2019 9:00 pm
4 days away
18 Plus

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š—”š—ŗš—Æš—¹š—²š˜€š—¶š—±š—² are back with the š˜šš˜µš˜Ŗš˜­š˜­ š˜“š˜Ŗš˜§š˜¦ tour.

š—”š—ŗš—Æš—¹š—²š˜€š—¶š—±š—² have toured the country extensively over the past three years with bands such as š˜›š˜³š˜°š˜±š˜©š˜ŗ š˜Œš˜ŗš˜¦š˜“, š˜—š˜°š˜­š˜¢š˜³š˜Ŗš˜“, š˜–š˜¤š˜¦š˜¢š˜Æ š˜Žš˜³š˜°š˜·š˜¦, š˜›š˜©š˜¦ š˜—š˜­š˜°š˜µ š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜ š˜°š˜¶ (š˜œš˜šš˜ˆ) and š˜”š˜°š˜·š˜¦š˜®š˜¦š˜Æš˜µš˜“ (š˜œš˜šš˜ˆ) off of the back of their well received sophomore EP š˜šš˜©š˜¢š˜±š˜¦ š˜”š˜¦ and last years single š˜‰š˜­š˜¶š˜³.

Having recently teamed up with š—”š—²š˜„ š—Ŗš—¼š—暝—¹š—± š—”š—暝˜š—¶š˜€š˜š˜€ (boasting artists such as š˜ˆš˜­š˜­š˜„š˜¢š˜ŗ, š˜”š˜¢š˜­š˜­š˜³š˜¢š˜µ, š˜•š˜°š˜³š˜µš˜©š˜­š˜¢š˜Æš˜¦ and more), š—”š—ŗš—Æš—¹š—²š˜€š—¶š—±š—² are excited to take their new live show across Australia for the first time in over a year.